Toyota & Lexus Fleet

Clean air? Vote with your wheels.
The best technology improves society. Today, 11 million people worldwide now choose to run a fuel-efficient Toyota or Lexus petrol-electric hybrid. Our latest range of 17 hybrid models – plus the game-changing Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car – is helping businesses to clean up their act. For city cars, estates, executive sports saloons, MPVs and more, Toyota & Lexus Fleet lets you break with convention. It’s never been easier to create a hybrid fleet that’s cleaner, greener and cheaper to own and run. Businesses can cut their emissions, whole-life costs, company car tax and NI, while company car drivers enjoy great equipment and performance, and pay less personal tax for Benefit-in-Kind (BIK).

We innovate. You save.
We have been pioneering green motoring innovation for over two decades.
Take the latest Prius; with a hybrid driving experience that breaks new boundaries, it has even better fuel efficiency, and a striking design inside and out. Petrol-electric hybrids do not need to be plugged in to charge, and have none of the range anxiety associated with pure electric vehicles. The fourth-generation Prius takes hybrid technology to a new level.

Try it for yourself. To arrange an extended 3-day test drive with any Toyota or Lexus petrol-electric hybrid model, simply call 0344 701 6186 or visit